Mama Bear’s Haven is a Canadian Lifestyle blog based in Toronto, created and edited by Mama Bear (Tammy). A crafty wife to Grizzly and a Mama to Baby Bear, who has been our everything since her arrival 6 years ago.

Mama Bear hibernates in the winter as much as possible, just like real bears. Hibernation periods are spent in the kitchen baking tasty treats to eat or curling up in front of the TV. During comfortable days during the year, we venture out on the TTC. where we can be found exploring old and new places around town. This gives us time as a family to share and make memories together.

Mama Bear writes from the heart about family, travelling and everyday life in the city. Sharing stories, tips from personal experiences and opinions.

Every day has a new challenge and a new experience waiting to happen. Escape with me to my Haven.

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