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Last September we went on another vacation to California. This time my daughter got the chance to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific . Not only did we see ocean creatures up close, but were able to read all about them with all the facts and information around the exhibits.

We seen a great variety of sea creatures from seals, sea otters, penguins and of course sharks and were able to actual touch a few.

Aquarium of PAcific





HPIM0175 (2)

The excitement on my daughters face each time she seen a new Exhibit or was able to touch one was priceless. She now knows what creature is what at the Aquarium.

This year with no vacation planned, we thought that it would be nice to visit places close to home. What could we do and see that we haven’t done as a family already.

This summer in Toronto the new Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada opens. Not only will we learn more about ocean life but fresh water life as well. It would be so nice to see the progress of the aquarium before it opens but summer is just around the corner and so is my daughters birthday (August) where we would like to spend the day visiting the Aquarium for a Family Birthday Fun. If it should open before August, well then we will have already visited and will have pure enjoyment on the day of her birthday and more great shots of these beautiful creatures.

What adventures will you take your children to visit over the summer? Will you take them to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada?


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