California Here We Come Again!

I never go on vacation, at least not in a long time. This year however I have been to California twice. Neither one planned by my me.

The first trip was back in February of this year. It was arranged by my mom and sister that we would go there for “Our Birthdays” my sisters and mine, also for my daughter to meet her Aunt for the first time. The last Family time spent with our mom/gramma.

Our trip in February was great but was a bit cool for the beach. It was more like spring/fall weather if your from Canada but perfect for the pool. We did the tourist thing and went to Hollywood and did Walk of Fame, Disneyland for some toddler excitement,Venice Beach and shopping at the outlet malls.

Our September trip was to be a little more adventurous. The first weekend we went to San Diego, stopping at the Huntington Dog Beach for some fun with Jackson and a chance for my daughter to get into the ocean.

We had fun all weekend, spending time splashing around Link textMission Bay and enjoying a few rides at Belmont Park.

The following days we spent lounging and enjoying the pool at my sisters place, while she was at work. I could not keep my little one out of the water, any time we were going out, that’s where she thought she was going.

We again went back to Huntington Beach for a day of sun and fun with friends and family. The sun was hot and the water a bit cool but we still went in, even with a sand shark swimming around. Then spent the rest of the weekend at the pool.

Our last week arrived and we still had a few things we wanted to get in before coming home. We went to Genuine Electric Tattoo, to get mama and daughter fairies on my arm with my daughters name attached.

Our last day seemed to be the longest day. We started off going toGlendale Galleria to get Family photos taken JCPenny Portraits. With some great shots taken and photos ordered, we headed out for our next adventure to Citadel Outlet for some shoe and clothing shopping.

The last stop of the day was  a visit to Aquarium of The Pacific. The squeals of excitement that came from my daughter once she got inside and seen the fishy. We wondered around learning about water life, seeing sharks, seals, sea otters, penguins and birds and many more under water creatures. On the way out we decided to stop in the Aquarium theatre for Turtle Vision a 4D adventure movie for kids. With our 4D glasses on we sat close to the front row to get the full effect of fish and turtles swimming at us, a mist of water actually falling on us and yes me jumping  at one point when an object was coming towards me.

It was another very exhausting day that would give us reason for an early night to get up at the crack of dawn to head to the airport for our flight home.

There are still so many sites and sounds of California that we did not get to see. If you have never been, it is a must see. Plan a great adventure of memories. I am already planning my next trip.

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