Graffiti Wall Art

Years ago most of the walls around my city were starting to fill up with trashy graffiti, of love notes, gang symbols making some neighbourhoods look creepy or scary to enter.

Now and then you would see a nice drawing of something more symbolic like a cartoon, an animal, truck, something that took away the awful look of the trashy graffiti. I always thought that it would be so nice to see more eye pleasing pictures. One day I did.

It was a few years back when I began to see more and more tasteful scenes in place of those horrible trashy graffiti areas. The art of graffiti began.

Graffiti Wall Art has become quite popular in my city. Any time I am out and about I always seem to see some new art on the walls of buildings, walkways or parks.  A reason i always have a camera with me, you never know when you might see something you like.

I am sure not everyone would consider these pictures works of art, they may still consider them graffiti and an eye sore to the neighbourhood it is in. People trying to have it removed. If owners of the buildings, parks and stores don’t mind it on their walls, why should we?  I however enjoy seeing it on my outings, and hope to see more and more.

Where ever I go, in town, out of town, province or country, I always seem to find wall art. Here are a few pictures I have taken.


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