Aquarium Life of the Pacific

In September 2012, during one of our vacations in California, we had the chance visit the Aquarium of the Pacific . Not only did we see ocean creatures up close, but were able to read all about them with all the facts and information about the world around hthe Aquarium life. Aquarium Life of the Pacific We began venturing through the building, taking in all the information and sites we could see. Learning as we travelled along. The colourful sea life amazed not only me, but my daughter, who was in … Continue reading

California – Destination San Diego

I never go on vacation, at least not in a long time. In, 2012,  I went to California twice. Neither one planned by my me. The first trip was in February. It was arranged by my mom and sister that we would go there for “Our Birthdays” my sisters and mine, also for my daughter to meet her Aunt for the first time. The last Family time that was spent with our mom/gramma. Our trip in February was great but was a bit cool for the beach. It was more … Continue reading

Feeding a Picky Eater – Meal Time Hassles

picky eater

Growing up I was really picky with the food I ate. There were many nights where I would not eat because the meal was something I just would not eat. I was not given an alternative to the meal that was prepared. I ate it or I went without. It seems that my daughter has turned out the same way and is now a picky eater too. As I grew I changed some of my eating habits and began eating more of those vegetables and fruit I did not eat. Feeding … Continue reading

A Zombie Fix with Netflix

Zombie Fix

I have never really been into shows or movies with Zombies in them. I found them to be boring and gross. Then I heard all the hype about The Walking Dead. I find them still a bit gross, yet they have changed considerably since shows like the Night of the living Dead  and similar ones. I never watched it when it first came on the TV, I waited. When I was looking for a new show to watch with the hubby, I remembered this one and found it on Netflix. … Continue reading

Black Teas of China – Adagio Tea

Most of the day between drinks of water, my favourite drink of choice is tea. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been trying a variety of flavours of black teas from Adagio Teas. Black Teas of China – Adagio Teas Adagio has a wide variety of tea, no matter the flavour you are looking for. I choose the sample pack of black teas pictured below. Each blend had its own unique flavour that I really enjoyed. Over the past week, I tried all the flavours I received and … Continue reading

10 Kid’s Shows on Netflix to Watch

Kid's Shows on Netflix

When it comes to Netflix, I don’t have to worry what shows my daughter watches. I have set it up so she is only able to watch shows we approve of.  I created a kid’s profile under her name when the shows she watched filled up in my list of choices. She would browse the shows by the pictures and choose a show by the characters. It didn;t take her long to find shows that really peaked her interest. Shows that she could watch with either me or her daddy. … Continue reading