Cats in My Garden

Cats in My garden

Spring is finally here and there is nothing worse then going out to dig in the garden, only to find out that the neighbourhood cats in my garden, have been using my it as there own personal litter box. While I am sure my gardens are not the only ones being used this way, I want it to stop. Why should I clean up after other peoples animals.

#McHappy Day is Wednesday May 8th

Every year Ronald McDonald Houses serves over 10,0000 families. But there are still many families who need our help and are turned away due to lack of space. Some Houses report turn-away rates as high as 70 per cent. The Houses offer families so much more than just a roof over their heads. Qualified staff and dedicated volunteers are committed to providing comfort and care to the families, so they can focus on healing their sick child. And they are filled with families who share a common bond – love … Continue reading

TV Junkie

TV Junkie

I have always had a TV, every since I was little and with 3 kids all watching different shows, 1 TV was never enough, so there were always a few floating around the house. It saved on the fights of who was watching what. I seem to watch a little bit of everything, from soaps, comedies, actions, dramas and of course now we have reality tv. Oh and I can’t forget a movie every now and then. VCR’s and PVR’s became a big hit with me. I never had to … Continue reading

Mama Bears Haven “I am Canadian” at Journeys of the Zoo

Becoming a Mom at 41! Journeys of the Zoo is Featuring Mama Bears Haven in the monthly “I am Canadian” spot. My story is about my journey of becoming a mom and how it took me until the age of 41 to have my beautiful daughter and loving hubby. Read my story I am Canadian story over at Journeys of the Zoo. I hope you enjoy my story.