Redpath Waterfront Festival – June 2015

Redpath Waterfront Festival happens every year along the Harbour front of Lake Ontario in Toronto. On Saturday we hopped on the subway and headed down to Union Station to catch the street car that would take us to Queens Quay to start our adventures at the festival.

Redpath Waterfront Festival

We began our adventure by the Queens Quay Terminal, which was basically in the middle of the festival and walked towards the Redpath Sugar Refinery, where we were able to try some sugar cookies and hubby did the 1 tonne sugar push in about 12 seconds. We continued walking towards the Wine and Spirits Festival at Sugar Beach.

Redpath Waterfront Festival

We took a break from walking and sat along the harbour looking out at the island and boasts that went by, then continued down to the end of the line and seen some of the dock dogs jump into a pool and got some great samples from Purina Canada for both our cat and dog. We quickly filled up our loot bag, courtesy of City Parent.

From there we ventured over to where Parks Canada had set up some tents, we each got an airbrushed tattoo and learned about the wildlife preserves around Canada. Learn more and visit Parks Canada

Redpath Waterfront Festival

By this time our feet were getting sore and tired and we knew it would be a long walk to the other end of the Waterfront festival. Just as the thought of walking popped into our heads we noticed a sign for a free shuttle, provided by RBC that made frequents stops along the route.

Redpath Waterfront Festival

We ended our day at HTO Park and Beach. There is no water to actually swim in but it is set up with umbrellas and sand for the feel of a beach. Our daughter made a friend so we let her play in the sand for a bit before heading back home.

Redpath Waterfront Festival

Did you visit the Redpath Waterfront Festival? What are you doing this summer for fun?

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