Soap Operas

Since I was young I have watched Soap Operas. I guess it all began as a very small child watching them with my mom. Then as I grew I began to find my own shows to watch. Over the years I have watched many Daytime Soap Operas but because many have been cancelled I am now down to the following shows: Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless and General Hospital. Watching 3 doesn’t sound so bad. But if none of them were cancelled I would be juggling to watch them all. There was a time when I watched 6 or more. I would put a tape in the VCR and record them while at work, spending my evenings trying to watch the soaps and watch my regular evening shows before the next round of recordings began


What and why are they called Soap Operas? Well it is because years ago when the shows began on radio,many were sponsored by actual Soap companies. Since they were on during the day when the viewing audience was predominately housewives the demographic was perfect for companies to promote household cleaning products. (click to learn more)

Cliffhangers are a major feature of all soaps. The intention is to make the viewer ‘hungry for more’, as the cliffhanger provides suspense. This ensures viewer will continue to watch, since they are eager to know what happens next. Even if they are able to predict what does happen, they will need to watch the following episode to see if they are correct.(I am good at predicting outcomes from the shows)

On soaps there is the presence of melodrama but despite that, there is also a recognizable element of realism, which allows the viewers to become involved by means of relating themselves to the characters and situations, The reality of the problems and scenarios portrayed in soaps make them recognizable to the viewer, who is then able to empathize with the characters based on their own experiences.

Do you watch Soaps? What are your faves?

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