Local Tourists – Out n About in Toronto

Local Tourists

My family and I travel within the city of Toronto and check out the local attractions around town. Since I live here I can go anytime to seek new adventures in this BIG City. We are the local tourists making memories in a city we love. I am a mom so I do try to find kid-friendly adventures, usually starting at a park so my daughter can play on the swings and slides. The Local Tourists When our daughter small, we would sometimes travel along some of the Toronto Bicycle paths. … Continue reading

Redpath Waterfront Festival – June 2015

Redpath Waterfront Festival

Redpath Waterfront Festival happens every year along the Harbour front of Lake Ontario in Toronto. On Saturday we hopped on the subway and headed down to Union Station to catch the street car that would take us to Queens Quay to start our adventures at the festival. We began our adventure by the Queens Quay Terminal, which was basically in the middle of the festival and walked towards the Redpath Sugar Refinery, where we were able to try some sugar cookies and hubby did the 1 tonne sugar push in … Continue reading