The Backyard-Summer Project

My backyard isn’t the prettiest for entertaining or the safest for my daughter to play in. I want to be able to let her go outside to the backyard and play, and not worry about her hurting herself.

I want to be able to sit out back and enjoy looking around. I would like it to look nice when friends and family visit for BBQ’s and other gatherings.

Cement yard

the deck

From the pictures above you can see right now my yard is all patio blocks and not much fun for a child to play in, but the deck area is workable and usable to have company over for a BBQ.

The ideas and plans I have for the yard will be time consuming and take many hours, months to accomplish.  After all the cement isn’t going to turn into grass over night, I am so excited and can’t wait to start.

So as the summer begins, so does our project of removing stones, planting grass seed, flowers and vegetables to beautify the yard.

Watch for future posts on the progress of the backyard reno!

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