Turkey Pot Pie

I usually like to make Turkey Pot Pie or Turkey a la King with my leftovers. I usually just wing it and throw it together. Here is how I do it.


2-3 cups of Turkey
Chicken or vegetable stock
Corn starch
1 cup veggies of your choice
2 frozen pie shells
Italian and Poultry Seasoning


Chop up turkey into pieces and place in a large pot. Add enough stock to cover turkey and let simmer on med/low heat. Add 3 tbsp of corn starch to start and continue simmering. Adding more corn starch as needed to thicken. Add seasonings and veggies and continue cooking on low heat until desired thickness achieved. Remove from heat

turkey pot pie

Prepare pie shells. I usually put a few fork marks on the bottom to stop from sticking. Fill one shell with the turkey filling and the other for on the top. Cut a few slits in the top for steam. Bake in oven until crust is golden.

Turkey pot pie

And now your Turkey Pot Pie is ready to eat. Enjoy!

turkey pot pie

For Turkey A la King – follow same directions as above, serving over noodles and rice with grated cheese.

What do you make with your left over Turkey?

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8 Responses to Turkey Pot Pie

  1. I had actually never heard of Turkey a la King before! I bet we would like that too
    Jennifer (momvstheboys) recently posted…Winter Skin Woes Be Gone!My Profile

  2. Amanda says:

    Mmm… I love me some pot pie but I can honestly say I have never tried a turkey one, just chicken and beef.
    Amanda recently posted…Get Your Skin Winter Ready with Shoppers Drug MartMy Profile

  3. This recipe looks really delicious. I love Turkey Pot Pie!

  4. Paula H says:

    I actually made 2 turkeys this year to make sure we had leftovers to play with! (had none at thanksgiving) This looks very easy to make. I bet the kids would love it!
    I like making turkey soup

    • mamabear says:

      I made 2 turkeys this year also, just to have leftovers..lol This recipe is easy to make and taste good on rice or noodles if you don’t want pie. I never managed to make soup this time around..

  5. Aeryn Lynne says:

    Oooh, that looks yummy! With turkey leftovers (if we have enough, lol,) I’d mix the leftover gravy with a cream soup (celery usually, but this year I only had mushroom on hand and it worked perfectly too.) I also add diced onions and celery, with some spices and end up with a thick stew-y looking thing once the turkey is added. It tastes great over the leftover stuffing, but I just might try to use it as a pie filling next time! Thanks so much for the recipe and inspiration! <3
    Aeryn Lynne recently posted…Don’t Let Winter Take a Bite Out of Your SkinMy Profile

    • mamabear says:

      Not often we have leftovers of Turkey, but I did 2 this year so there was some left. Yay!! While I like to add a variety of veggies, I have a picky eater so I have to either make 2 different ones or leave certain veggies out.