Yoga – Preparing For Your First Class

As many of you may know, I suffer from pain almost daily, in some part of my body. Just going to the store or standing at the stove cooking leaves me aching. So this week I am starting Yoga, in hopes of alleviating some of that pain. I signed up through Parks and Rec for the City of Toronto. Not just one session but two. For the next two months I will head out one night a week for my class, then continuing in the New Year for my next … Continue reading

Free Range Parenting – I was a Free Range Child

parenting style - social

In today’s world, the parenting of your child seems to be determined by other parents. When in fact, as the parent, we should mind our own business and realize that everyone has their own parenting style, from Free Range Parenting to Helicopter parenting. We shouldn’t have to worry that someone else believes what we are doing is wrong. What is right for my child, may not be right for yours. Each child develops uniquely, have different strengths and abilities, but will meet anticipated milestones along the way. While one child … Continue reading

Hidden Hotel Costs – Be Aware!


In July, I had booked a room in the Novotel Hotel- Mississauga, to be near an event my daughter was to be in on July 26. My reservation was confirmed and the amount to be paid at the hotel was stated. I was not aware of any other hidden hotel costs, until we arrived at our destination and slapped with a cost of a security deposit. I have stayed at a few hotels in the past and have never had to pay a security deposit, unless I was traveling with … Continue reading

Autumn Equinox – The Changing Season


Summer has ended and the weather is starting to be more refreshing in the evenings. If you haven’t started to see the changes of the season, you will, after all today is the Autumn Equinox, in the Northern hemisphere. If you are in the Southern hemisphere, you will experience the Autumn Equinox in March, when we have our Spring Equinox. What exactly is an Autumn Equinox? The Autumn Equinox (September Equinox) is when the the sun is shining directly on the Equator and day is equal to night, well almost. … Continue reading

Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie topped with whipped cream makes a great dessert for any day of the week. Growing up, it seemed to be a regular dessert on most Sundays, after the usual roast beef dinner. We always had a supply of bananas in our house. If there were some left over at the end of the week, my mom would make her banana cream pie, while preparing our Sunday meal. It became a popular dessert in our home on Sundays and certain holidays throughout the year. If I was asked … Continue reading