Sustainability at Ford – Greener Cleaner Vehicles

Ford Sustainability

Have you ever wondered what your car is made of? I didn not until this past weekend at the BConnected Conference in Ottawa, when Matt Drennan-Scace, Communications Manager, FordCraigSilva, Senior Community Manager , at Ford Canada, along with Paula Roy, Food Editor at Ottawa A Home Magazine gave a speech on Sustainability at Ford. What I Learned Sustainable by-products were first used in the 1940’s when Henry Ford built a plastic paneled car using soy. Ford wants a cleaner, greener, lightweight car and that is exactly what they have done. With … Continue reading

Junction Local – Restaurant Review

Junction Local

Junction Local On April 18, I had the opportunity to visit the new restaurant Junction Local, in the High Park area, known as The Junction. On April 20th, their doors opened up to the public. It is a local eatery catering to those with cravings for Southern Comfort foods. Menu Items The menu features a variety of scrumptious southern comfort foods with a touch of Creole and smoke created by Chef Chris Cantrell, who has previously worked in a local restaurant on Bloor St West. It took me some time to … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Honey Apple Pork Tenderloin

When I find Pork tenderloin on sale, I pick up a few packages and toss them in the freezer. There are so many different recipes that can be made, like my Honey Apple Pork Tenderloin. We tend to cook pork tenderloin quite often. My daughter is a picky eater, so I try to create meals that I know she will like or at least like most of what is made, pork happens to be one of those items she likes. My daughter likes to be in the kitchen while I am … Continue reading

7 Flower Gardens Around Toronto to Visit

Flower GArdens

We have finally had a few days of nice weather and we would like spend as much time outdoors as possible after being cooped up all winter. We are starting to make plans for adventures around the city. These Toronto flower gardens, just happen to be on our list. 7 Flower Gardens Around Toronto   Allan Gardens A Botanical garden filled with exotic plants and seasonal flowers, located downtown Toronto and is open 10 am – 5 pm, 365 days/year, free admission and wheel chair accessible James Gardens Take a walk … Continue reading

Chromecast Streaming


I recently bought a new TV and decided to get Chromecast to use with it. We have been online streamers for quite a few years now, so we wanted to be able to continue viewing the way we wanted to. With Chromecast Streaming, it is exactly the same as viewing from my laptop or desktop, but with a much bigger screen. Installing and preparing to view shows was simple, I just needed to plug in the HDMI cables and install the Chromecast app on my smartphone and PC. Within Chromecast/google … Continue reading

Spring Wreath – DIY Project


Spring is here and it is time to freshen up your door decor with a simple and easy DIY Spring Wreath to hang on your door. For me, having a wreath on a door is a welcoming, to the seasons and my home. I love to hang wreath’s on my door and  I like change them with the seasons, but living in a building, I don’t want to hang one up on the outside of my door so I hang it on the inside, on my balcony door. It was … Continue reading