Nashville Series – Cancelled by ABC

Nashville on CMT

Millions of viewers around the world are upset with ABC and sad to see a favourite show like Nashville go to TV heaven. If you are a fan of the Nashville  Series, like I am, then I am sure you have heard that ABC, again has cancelled a well-watched TV series to make room for new shows that will probably be axed before the first season is through. I have been listening to country music since I was a child. It was the music my parents listened too, as well … Continue reading

Q-107 Toronto’s Rock since May 1977


When I was about 8 years old, I remember listening to the radio on my parent’s hi-fi. (an all one stereo that played record (LP) and 8 tracks.) One day I was bored with the AM stations and decided to see what FM was all about. I moved the dial around until I found music and when the music stopped, I heard the station’s name; Q-107 Toronto’s Rock, and I have been listening ever since. While Q-107 is my most tuned in radio station, I do occasionally like to switch it up a … Continue reading

Fairy Garden in a Dresser Drawer

I have wanted to create a Fairy garden for some time now. They look so pretty and fun. I looked at pictures and prices and decided that I would create my own, one that is unique to me and not one everyone has already. I began searching Pinterest for ideas and finally decided on my Fairy garden. I did it all on a budget with items from the dollar store or from my craft cupboard. Fairy Garden Materials Popsicle Sticks  (3 pkg of 100) glue paint/brushes accessories of your choice … Continue reading

Styled for Summer with Giant Tiger #ForYouForLess

Fashion That Fits

In April, I attended an event with Giant Tiger. I was able to check out first hand the new lines of women’s fashion and knew once I visited the store I would be Styled for Summer. I had been to Giant Tiger many times before, usually when I was out of town and the stores were everywhere. I was so happy when stores arrived in Toronto. Although I wasn’t always able to find clothes in my size, I did find some sort of deal. I need an entire wardrobe makeover, … Continue reading

May Celebrates #FlippforMoms – Giveaway 2016

Flipp believes that we should celebrate Mother’s Day all month long, after all, Moms deserve special treatment for all they do throughout the year. For the Month of May on its official Facebook and Twitter accounts, Flipp will be doing a giveaway each week. Visit to learn more and enter to win with #FlippforMoms. On May 8th, we celebrated Mother’s Day, Moms all over the world woke up to something special. I woke up snuggling with my daughter, who woke up and jumped out of bed to share with … Continue reading

#LetsTalkRESPs Twitter Party


Post Secondary school cost are rising and having an RESP is important to help with the costs. A university graduate makes 50% more than someone without.  Having a higher education is so important to have when looking for a job. Learn more facts and information here . Be sure to join the experts at the #LetsTalkRESPs twitter party and have your questions answered. Know the facts about RESPs. #letstalkRESPs Twitter Party Parent Life Network and Canada Scholarship Trust (CST) Consultants will be hosting a Twitter Party and you’re invited! Join us … Continue reading