The Unexplained Death

It has been some time since I have thought about or written a new post. I have quite a few drafts I need to work on. Back on June 17th my mom was rushed to the hospital. Where she spent almost 2 days in an ER exam room. Blood work and a CAT scan that was already scheduled before the ER visit. On June 20th, a biopsy of the lungs was scheduled for early morning. At which I had to wait days for the results. On June 21st I went … Continue reading

What Makes Me Enter Contests and Giveaways

I have been entering contests for a few years now and giveaways for about a year, you never know when you might win something. I don’t just enter everyone I see, I have to be truly interested in winning the prize. If I don’t win, at least I have learned something about a new product or find another product I would find useful in everyday life. How do I know which ones to enter? I usually enter giveaways from other fellow Bloggers, who have a trusted name or a legitimate … Continue reading