DIY Crafty Birthday Party

DIY Crafty Birthday Party

My daughter’s birthday was this past weekend, I have been planning her party for quite some time. Last year we had a Princess Tea Party, I wanted to do something different. I finally came up with a DIY Crafty Birthday Party. A fun party with different activities for the kids to keep busy with. Over the past month, I had slowly been preparing for the party. I spent hours on Pinterest, pinning to my board Birthday Ideas for Kids. I finally found some DIY projects to create the perfect DIY … Continue reading

Party Favour Jars – DIY

Party Favour Jars

I have been collecting jars for some time and have accumulated quite a collections of baby food jars from when my daughter was a baby. What do you do with a shelf full of jars? Well, for the past 2 years, I have been using them at my daughters 4th and 5th birthday party.  I create some DIY Party Favour Jars to give to the kids who attended. I even had my daughter help out. It turned into mother/daughter craft time. Party Favour Jars Supplies Needed baby food jars paint sealer … Continue reading

DIY Princess Tea Party

Last August was my daughter’s 4th Birthday, she wanted to have a princess themed party. so that is what we gave her, a DIY Princess Tea Party. The tea party was my idea, but she loved the idea. I began browsing Pinterest for crafty decorating ideas and snacks to create a fabulous Tea Party for a little girl. I spent hours on Pinterest (which isn’t hard to do) pinning and pinning. When I finised searching, my hubby made some hand drawn Tea Pots and cup streamers, some pom pom flowers … Continue reading

Tree Picture Wall -Wordless Wednesday

Tree Picture Wall

I have wanted to display our pictures for sometime. I have seen many pictures of decal trees on walls and kind of liked the idea. My hubby penciled on the tree and we all took part in painting to create our tree picture wall. Do you have a picture wall? Our wall of pictures is not yet complete, we will be adding a few more pictures and then move on to the next wall as we make more memories to display. What do you do with your pictures?

Carved by Hand Canes ~ Wordless Wednesday

Carved by hand canes

Carved by Hand canes created by hubby (Grizzly Bear). As you can see Carved By Hand canes has a variety of sizes and colours. This is what happens when a Grizzly Bear gets bored. I can’t wait until it is warmer out so he can take the carving to the balcony. See more canes Carved By Hand on Facebook. Ok, so this post wasn’t so wordless!! Have you created anything unique and different?

Clay Pot Gumball-Candy Jar DIY

Clay Pot Gumball-Candy Jar

Clay Pot Gumball/Candy Jar DIY My husband wanted a gumball machine of some sort, so I decided to make him one for Christmas this year. If you know me, then you know that I love to get crafty with clay pots and am always making and finding new ideas. Supplies needed: Clay Pot (size of your choice) 2 Clay saucer clear glass dish Red and Black Paint (I use acrylic) brush or sponge clear sealer White craft glue How to make a Clay pot Gumball-Candy Jar: