Snowman Christmas Decor


Snowman Christmas Decor For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for snowmen. I have had a few over the years, some were lost or ended up broken. A few years back I started collecting them again. I didn’t just bring them out at Christmas time, I kept them on my shelves throughout the year. When you spend as much time as I do on Pinterest, you have ideas running through your head all the time. I had seen some different themed trees but didn’t see … Continue reading

Christmas Crafts – 3 in 1 Santa Craft – w/linky


When I go to the dollar store I see so many items that I can create with products they have in the store. Here are a few Christmas crafts I came up with. It is also a great place to pick up crafting supplies and a lower price. Christmas Crafts 3 in 1 Santa Crafts I bought a Santa Bell at the dollar store and was able to make 3 different Christmas crafts. I took the Santa and deconstructed it. I then made it into other projects, a candy tree, … Continue reading

Advent Calendar – DIY


Each year we usually by an Advent Calendar with one of my daughter’s favourite characters on the box.  Each day it is always the same surprise inside, a little tiny piece of chocolate. This year we decided that we would create a DIY calendar and put our own surprises and notes inside and make it a bit more fun. I have bags full of toilet paper rolls and an old picture frame in the closet that I had used for a photo booth for my daughter`s birthday, I decided to use … Continue reading

DIY Crafty Birthday Party

DIY Crafty Birthday Party

My daughter’s birthday was this past weekend, I have been planning her party for quite some time. Last year we had a Princess Tea Party, I wanted to do something different. I finally came up with a DIY Crafty Birthday Party. A fun party with different activities for the kids to keep busy with. Over the past month, I had slowly been preparing for the party. I spent hours on Pinterest, pinning to my board Birthday Ideas for Kids. I finally found some DIY projects to create the perfect DIY … Continue reading

Party Favour Jars – DIY

Party Favour Jars

I have been collecting jars for some time and have accumulated quite a collections of baby food jars from when my daughter was a baby. What do you do with a shelf full of jars? Well, for the past 2 years, I have been using them at my daughters 4th and 5th birthday party.  I create some DIY Party Favour Jars to give to the kids who attended. I even had my daughter help out. It turned into mother/daughter craft time. Party Favour Jars Supplies Needed baby food jars paint sealer … Continue reading

DIY Princess Tea Party

Last August was my daughter’s 4th Birthday, she wanted to have a princess themed party. so that is what we gave her, a DIY Princess Tea Party. The tea party was my idea, but she loved the idea. I began browsing Pinterest for crafty decorating ideas and snacks to create a fabulous Tea Party for a little girl. I spent hours on Pinterest (which isn’t hard to do) pinning and pinning. When I finised searching, my hubby made some hand drawn Tea Pots and cup streamers, some pom pom flowers … Continue reading