Fresh From the Farm- Healthy School Fundraising

fresh from the farm

It is the beginning of the school year and our school is starting its first fundraiser. In June, I received approval from the Principal to order Fresh from the Farm fundraising kits. I thought that this would be a perfect way to raise money and give everyone some healthy, farm fresh products. Farm Fresh Ontario – Healthy School Fundraising Fresh from the Farm: Healthy Fundraising for Ontario Schools Fresh from the Farm was designed to provide a healthy fundraising alternative to schools by selling Ontario-grown fruit and vegetables. Since 2013, 1165 … Continue reading

9 Activities for Encouraging Science – Keeping Kids Interested

9 activities for encouraging science

Children’s approach towards education is formed through their parents’ approach towards it. If education rather than entertainment is made a priority, then the activities you plan together as a family will be based around that. Children will study many subjects in school, including science. Parents can help give their children a head start by these 9 Activities for encouraging Science. 9 Activities for Encouraging Science Show Them Science Is Exciting Fun Some parents avoid talks about science because they did badly in it at school, or feel they don’t know … Continue reading

Teaching Science through Baking with Kids During Summer

Teaching Science through Baking

Baking is a fun and tasty hobby. Most people probably wouldn’t compare it with science, but the truth is, it can be used as a tool to teach certain concepts. Here are a few ways of teaching science through baking to children of all ages. Teaching Science through Baking Young Children Quick Breads Younger children are fascinated by cakes and muffins. These are what are referred to as quick breads. The raising (leavening) agent will often be baking soda. The mild acids in a second ingredient, milk, are enough to … Continue reading

Seven Fun Science Experiments to Do at Home

Fun Science Experiments

There are a number of fun science experiments you can do at home with kids of all ages. It is just a question of gathering the supplies and making sure you pay attention to health and safety. Choose age-appropriate activities and watch your child’s love of science grow. Seven Fun Science Experiments to Do at Home 1. Large Magnets Get a number of magnets to illustrate attraction and repulsion. Make sure they are large enough so a child can’t swallow them. You can create a maze on a piece of … Continue reading

Learning Math At Home – 4 Fun Ways for Teaching

Math is a fundamental skill that will be used throughout your child’s entire life. There is no dodging it. Without math, your child would have a daunting future. They may be unable to do simple tasks such as bake cookies or give the correct change at a store.  Here are four ways for learning math at home. Math at Home – 4 Fun Ways for Teaching Shopping Shopping is probably one of the most helpful and fun ways to learn math One of the first ways to use it is … Continue reading

Science at Home – Learning Outside the Textbook

Science is a subject that has endless ways that you can teach it from home. By having fun adventures with a child’s knowledge of science when they are not at school, you will make their school experience more productive. Here are just a few of the many ways you can teach science at home to your child, whether during work or play. Science isn’t always a fun topic to learn. There are so many different aspects to teach. Finding easy ways will make the experience all the better and your … Continue reading