Edible Flower Safety Precautions – Be Aware of Plant Part Usuage

Edible Flower Safety Precautions

Growing your own edible flowers can be a fun and interesting hobby that will add flavourful tastes, colours and nutrients to your diet. However, they are not for everyone. Starting slowly is the safest way to decide whether they are right for you. Read below for edible flower safety precautions. Edible Flower Safety Precautions – Be Aware Health Issues Those who have seasonal allergies might react to eating edible flowers, so they should exercise caution. Watch out for trouble breathing or a swollen tongue. In terms of preparation, in most cases, the … Continue reading

Five Supplies That Should Be in Your Disaster Kits

No matter where you live, what your personal situation is, or what type of disasters you may be facing, there are some basic supplies everyone should have on hand “just in case”. Here are five things that you should stock and store at all times to have disaster kits ready at all times. Five Supplies That Should Be in Your Disaster Kits Water Let’s start with the most important and most urgent item on the list – water. You can make it a surprisingly long time without food, power, and … Continue reading

Apartment Building Security Guards leave Tenants Unsecured

Security Guards

We are supposed to feel safe, knowing our building has Security Guards patrolling the premises. Many do not.  The security guards don’t really do their job. Most times they are behind a locked closed-door. Should you happen to knock, they answer the door in a not so timely manner, like they were woken from a nap. Yes, they secure themselves but not the building. I definitely don’t feel secure with these apartment building Security Guards. Security Guards Duty There are many job descriptions for a security guard, but generally it … Continue reading

Free Range Parenting – I was a Free Range Child

parenting style - social

In today’s world, the parenting of your child seems to be determined by other parents. When in fact, as the parent, we should mind our own business and realize that everyone has their own parenting style, from Free Range Parenting to Helicopter parenting. We shouldn’t have to worry that someone else believes what we are doing is wrong. What is right for my child, may not be right for yours. Each child develops uniquely, have different strengths and abilities, but will meet anticipated milestones along the way. While one child … Continue reading

Pets and Plants – Poisoning

pets and plants

Pets and plants, together can be dangerous. There are certain plants that are toxic to our pets. Since cats have a tendency to climb, they are more at risk in reaching a plant that may be toxic. I have always had cats and dogs and always make sure to check out what types of plants are safe before bringing one into my home.

Making 911 Calls from Landlines, Cells and VoIP

Making 911 Calls

Knowing what type of 911 service you have could save or waste time in a dire emergency. Making 911 calls are easy, but how are they handled with the phone service you have? Keep reading to find out services are preferred. Making 911 Calls Basic 911 Service When you dial 911, your call goes to a call centre and only after you provide a name and location, will you be connected to an emergency response centre in that area. (wasting valuable time) Enhanced 911 Service Calls are connected to an emergency … Continue reading