Playdate Set Tour – Wordless Wednesday

Last week we were invited to a screening and set tour of a new children’s show, Playdate, coming to Family Jr this fall. My daughter had a great time being able to see the screening and meet the kids, puppets and of course the creator of the show Playdate.  

Sunsets – A Balcony View – WW


We live on the 17th floor of our apartment building, we get to see some amazing sunsets each night. Each one is different and unique. It is something I look forward to each night when I am home. Sunsets – A Balcony View I have so many pictures of sunsets, these are just a few of my faves. My daytime sky pictures are pretty awesome too! Enjoy the nightly sunsets! Here are some more from San Diego

Tree Picture Wall -Wordless Wednesday

Tree Picture Wall

I have wanted to display our pictures for sometime. I have seen many pictures of decal trees on walls and kind of liked the idea. My hubby penciled on the tree and we all took part in painting to create our tree picture wall. Do you have a picture wall? Our wall of pictures is not yet complete, we will be adding a few more pictures and then move on to the next wall as we make more memories to display. What do you do with your pictures?

Carved by Hand Canes ~ Wordless Wednesday

Carved by hand canes

Carved by Hand canes created by hubby (Grizzly Bear). As you can see Carved By Hand canes has a variety of sizes and colours. This is what happens when a Grizzly Bear gets bored. I can’t wait until it is warmer out so he can take the carving to the balcony. See more canes Carved By Hand on Facebook. Ok, so this post wasn’t so wordless!! Have you created anything unique and different?