Bicycle Repairs in Toronto

Now that spring has arrived, its time to bring out the bicycles and go for a ride, but just like a car, bicycles need to be serviced at least once or twice a year. My husband has been riding for as long as I have known him, and has now started his own business. He takes pride and pleasure in fixing bikes. There is no job big or small that he can’t fix. He offers quick service and will beat any advertised price. Be safe this summer and have your … Continue reading

Graffiti Wall Art in the City of Toronto

Years ago most of the walls around the city were starting to fill up with trashy graffiti of love notes, gang symbols and scribblings. This made some neighbourhoods look creepy or scary to enter. If you live in the city of Toronto, you will notice some very nice pictures beautifying neighbourhoods with graffiti wall art. Graffiti Wall Art around Toronto I always thought that it would be so nice to see more eye-pleasing pictures.  One day they just began popping up everywhere on my travels. The art of graffiti began probably … Continue reading

From Winter to Spring, Its gardening time!

We have finally reached the time of year when the darkness o f winter turns to the brightness of spring. The warm weather has finally started to appear more and more these days. Spring is just around the corner. The time we all seem to start the spring chores. Pulling out the lighter weight clothing, putting most of the heavy winter items away. Freshening up the inside of the house. “The not so much fun” things to do, but needs to be done. What I cant wait for is to get … Continue reading

2 Cats, a Kid and a Messy House

When my daughter turned one, we decided that we would get her a pet since she showed interest in the neighbourhood animals when she saw them. We decided to get her a cat, so I started the search for a female cat. It didn’t take long to find any, we just had to wait a few weeks until the kitten was old enough to leave her mother. Since our house was already child-proofed, we decided we better get it kitten proofed. ; The day came for us to pick up our … Continue reading

Finding the Right Diapers

When you have an infant or toddler, diapers are a big part of your expenses. Finding the right ones through cost and effectiveness takes some time. When my daughter was born we started off using huggies since we were given some as a gift. We continued using them for months, not thinking that we could save money by buying other store brands, figuring the NAME brands would be the best to use. We had been talking about how it was almost time to change the diaper size from newborn to … Continue reading

Madisen’s Milestones

It took many years of trying and failing before I became a mom and at my age didn’t think it would happen, but eighteen months ago, my beautiful baby was born. Red hair and blues eyes and the sweetest smile .  Madisen Sierra born Aug,16,2010 5lbs, 13oz My daughter is a very active child and keeps me on my toes. I can’t believe how quickly she has grown in the past 18 months. 3 months-4 Months sleeping through the night starts eating fruits and veggies sitting up in bumbo chair … Continue reading