Shopping and Saving

We all spend money at the store for our daily needs.  Finding great deals and bargains is being frugal, it is not being cheap, it is shopping and saving.  Saving money on items you need leaves more in your pocket for that product, trip luxury item you are saving for.

There are many ways to save on groceries, clothing and everyday needs. Through different websites and apps for our phones, we are able to save at home and on the go.

Shopping and Savings

Below are a few of my favourite apps. I use them daily, weekly and monthly to help me find the best deals around.

Shopping and Saving through Websites and Apps



P&G Brandsaver

Canadian Free Stuff


Shopping and Saving Apps




Not only do these apps save you money with coupons and price matching, but you can also create your grocery lists and even get cash back with some. Who doesn’t love rewards for shopping and saving?

Shopping and Saving

There are so many other sites and apps for saving money on shopping trips. Checking out your favourite stores online you will also find some awesome sales. If you have a good site for deals and savings let me know and I will add to my list!

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