Hi, I’m Tammy and welcome to Mama Bear’s Haven.

About Mama Bear’s Haven

Aboiy Mama Bear's Haven

About Me

I am an older mom of one little girl who is 9 along with her cat Dusty and my dog Fergie. I created Mama Bear’s Haven in 2012 to share my journey and adventures in motherhood and life. No matter where I go or what I do I have a camera to capture the moment’s life throws my way. If I am not on the loving room floor crafting a new DIY project, I am in the kitchen creating a delicious meal or sweet treat.

About MBHaven

Mama Bear’s Haven is all about the lives and adventures of 3 Bears living in a den in Toronto. (Mama Bear, Grizzly Bear and Baby Bear) It’s all about family and living in the city lifestyle. As a family, we find peace in nature within some of Toronto’s parks. We venture to many different events that involve kids. If it is in or around the GTA, we will find it and tell you all about it.

My balcony is my haven where I grow a container garden in summer and take breathtaking pictures of the view around me. I love to garden and enjoy a nice cup of tea, even if only in a small space.

We make the time for family game nights and enjoy checking out new games and apps for all ages.

Family Time Favourites

  • creating delicious recipes
  • creating easy crafts
  • family game nights
  • attending events and family attractions
  • snuggling on the couch streaming a TV Show or movie


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Every day has a new challenge and new adventures are waiting to happen. Escape with me to my Haven!


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