6 Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

During the Holidays, many of us are out and about visiting friends, neighbours and family to share in the holiday spirit. While you don’t have to take a gift to the person hosting, it is always nice to show your thanks with a hostess gift.

Hostess Gift

If you know the hostess well, it will be an easy decision on what to choose. If not, here are a few ideas that should cover any hostess or host.

6 Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

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Sippin Wine, Feelin Fine

We all have a favourtie glass we like to use when having a drink. Why not get your hostess this feel good quoted wine glass.

Decorative Wine Bottle Covers

Cover up the wine bottles with these decorative bottle covers. First, though, you will need to buy wine to cover up.


Glass Tea Set and Warmer


Stainless Steel Insulated Pitcher


Bottle Decorations

      Giving Plate          

The Giving Plate is a gift that keeps on giving. Visit a friend with a plate full of goodies. When your friend has a party to attend, it can be passed along.

When you are invited to a Holiday event with friends and family, do you bring a hostess gift or a treat of some sort?

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