High Heels are Not for Everyone

High Heels are not for everyone

There are many reasons that high heels are not for everyone. Comfort is the main reason for many. Comfort is the reason I no longer wear these types for any occasion. I felt pain for days for only a few hours of wearing them. My feet would swell and I couldn’t walk on them properly without pain. I then switched to flip flops for years but although comfortable to wear, they only did more damage to my feet. Now, I mostly wear sneakers or flats. I have been looking for … Continue reading

Cute Valentine’s Card Printables

cute Valentine cards for kids

Cute Valentine’s Card Printables for Kids Get your printer ready for these cute Valentine’s card printables for kids. Two printable sheets with 9 cards per sheet. There will be enough cute cards for all your kid’s classmates. While not every child will hand out Valentine’s Cards but that’s ok. Just knowing someone took the time to give something special to a classmate or friend will give you a happy heart. Ready to Print Valentine’s Cards No searching for the popular store-bought cards.  These ready-made Valentine’s cards have cute owls or … Continue reading

How to Throw a Christmas Party on a Budget

How to Throw a Christmas Party on a Budget There is just something about the crisp air and the falling snow that makes people want to gather together. The holiday season is the time for celebration and throwing a Holiday gathering is a great way to do just that. Learning how to throw a Christmas Party on a Budget can help you save some money.  Christmas parties can be expensive. From decorations to menus and everything in between, it is easy to overspend. Thankfully, there are ways to throw a … Continue reading

Graduation Ideas for All Ages – Socially Distanced

My daughter will be graduating with her classmates of the past 7 years from grade 5 and heading off to a new school in September.  The kids didn’t have kindergarten graduation, (I didn’t either! When did that start?) so they have been looking forward to this one. Currently, there are no in-person activities allowed in schools at the moment. So parents need to make their own plans for their graduating students. Below you will find some graduation ideas for all ages that you can do with family and friends if … Continue reading

Holiday Themed Gift Tag Printables – Free

holiday themed gift tag printables

This time of the year people are wrapping up gifts for the upcoming holiday season. I designed these holiday themed gift tag printables so you can attach them to your gifts. No need for store-bought if you have a printer. Just print them off and attach them to your wrapped gifts. Holiday Themed Gift Tag Printables To have these printables for our gifts, all you need is a printer with colour ink, regular or card stock paper. Once you have printed off the tags, just cut them out and either … Continue reading

Santa Candy Cane Holder

Santa Candy Cane Holder

Normally I make my Christmas crafts with clay pots. This year I am using up the overstock of jars because they aren’t just for canning. I make use of all parts, the lid, seal and jar. There are so many things I want to make however this time I’m making a Santa candy cane holder. This is the time of year I really begin to make my fall and winter crafts. A time to prepare for the seasons ahead and keep busy. Santa Candy Cane Holder Materials  Mason jar or … Continue reading