Back in the Day Kids Shows

Recently a few of us were sitting around chatting, mentioning all the shows we watched as kids. Many were the same, some I hadn’t heard of, and some I didn’t watch, so I decided to make a list of back in the day kids shows

Back in the Day kids shows

I asked my friends and posted a Poll to name 5 shows that were watched as kids. Here is a list I compiled with the answers of back in the day kids shows.

Fintstones (who didn’t watch the Flintstones)
Mr. Dress Up
Polka Dot Door
Rocket Robin
Kids Incorporated
Friendly Giant
You Can’t do that On TV
Pink Panther
Bugs Bunny

Although some of these shows are still around today, how many kids actually watch them?

Did you watch any of these? What are some that you watched?

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