Cats in My Garden

Spring is finally here and there is nothing worse then going out to dig in the garden, only to find out that the neighbourhood cats in my garden, have been using my it as there own personal litter box. While I am sure my gardens are not the only ones being used this way, I want it to stop. Why should I clean up after other peoples animals.
Cats in My garden

I have 2 cats, I keep them indoors. I just don”t understand why people get cats to let out and wander around the neighbourhood. I got my cats for companions and pets for my daughter, not to let loose and roam around only to get dirty and bring home fleas.

I don’t want to spend the entire summer cleaning my garden because other people are to lazy to keep there cats inside and clean the litter boxes. I am so tempted to find out whose cat it is that is going and return the dirt to them. Maybe they would think twice about letting their pets wander.

My solution- finding a safe way to keep cats out of gardens. I searched for information and finally came up with the safest way; plants. Lavender and Lemon Thyme seem to be plants that cats just don’t like to smell. So I will be testing this theory over the summer, hopefully the problem disappears.

Do you have the same problem of animals in your garden? What was or is your solution?


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