Clay Pot Crafts – The #Snowman Creations

Clay Pot crafts is a great way to make fun and useful things for around the house, in the garden or just about anything you can think of.

Since it is winter and my favorite thing about the snow is making a Snowman I decided to find some ideas on Pinterest to make clay pot Snowmen.
Here is one of the pins that gave me my snowman inspiration

Supplies needed:

Clay pots various sizes
white craft paint
hot glue gun/white craft glue

Paint a few coats of white on the pots and assemble to create your snowman.

Here are a few of my clay pot snowmen I created since last year.

Clay Pot Crafts Clay Pot Crafts

Clay pot crafts clay pot crafts

Last year I found some candy at the dollar store with snowman heads attached to the box. When I seen them I knew I had to buy and create my own clay pot snowmen. Below are a set of my snowmen.

Clay pot crafts  Clay Pot Crafts

If you like the idea of creating with clay pots why not check out my clay pot crafts board

Are you a crafty person, do you like to create? what are some of your favorite pins or crafty creations?

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