Clay Pot Gumball-Candy Jar DIY

Clay Pot Gumball/Candy Jar DIY

My husband wanted a gumball machine of some sort, so I decided to make him one for Christmas this year. If you know me, then you know that I love to get crafty with clay pots and am always making and finding new ideas.

Supplies needed:

Clay Pot (size of your choice)
2 Clay saucer
clear glass dish
Red and Black Paint (I use acrylic)
brush or sponge
clear sealer
White craft glue

How to make a Clay pot Gumball-Candy Jar:

Apply 3 coats of paint to clay pot and saucers, allowing paint to dry between coats. Once paint is dry spray with sealer. Once you have applied the sealer you can assemble the Clay Pot Gumball-Candy Jar. Glue the clay pot upside down to a saucer, then glue on the glass jar to the clay pot. You can add a lid with another saucer.

Clay Pot Gumball-Candy Jar

Add your favorite candy and it’s ready to use.

Do you like to do DIY projects? For more ideas check out my Clay Pot Board on Pinterest.

Happy Crafting!

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