Fall TV Shows – 10 New and Returning Shows

It’s August, the CNE just opened in Toronto. What does that mean to me? Well, summer is almost over, my daughter will be going back to school and of course the Fall TV season is upon us. Get ready to set those PVR’s and check the listings for the new Fall TV Shows.

Fall TV Shows

Since our favourite shows ended in the spring, many of us have been waiting for the new lineup of the Fall TV Shows. Here are 10 new and returning shows.

Returning Shows

Chicago Fire – October 13 – NBC
Chicago PD – September 30 – NBC
Criminal Minds – September 30 – CBS
Grimm – October 30 – NBC
Nashville – September 23 – ABC
Once Upon a Time September 27 ABC
Reign – October 9 – CW
Supernatural – October 7 – CW (I just started this over on Netflix)
The Vampire Diaries – October 8 – CW (I am only on season 2 on Netflix)
The Walking Dead – October 11 – AMC

Fall TV Shows

New Shows

The Bastard Executioner – September 15 – FX
This new bloody period drama about a broken knight in King Edward I’s charge who puts down his sword only to be forced to pick up the violent and bloody executioner’s ax instead. With Kurt Sutter as the writer, it’s bound to be a great show.

Blindspot – September 21 – NBC
The main character takes mightares to a new level when she discovers her body is covered in tattoos and she has no memory of how she got inked up. An FBI agent follows the clues from her tattoos to reveal a conspiracy.

Chicago Med – November 17 – NBC
Another medical drama,in a busy Chicago hospital, is self explanatory, and yes we will see characters from Chicago Fire, oh yes!

Crazy Ex Girlfriend – October 19 = CW
A determined young woman who gives up her partnership at a law firm in Manhattan to move to California in a desperate attempt to find love with an ex-boyfriend

Fear The Walking Dead – August 23 – AMC
Prequel to the Walking Dead, based in L.A., not quite full of Zombies.
This drama will focus on a family unit and the problems it has with an outbreak backdrop

Grandfathered – September 29 – FOX
New single-camera comedy, in which a playboy restaurateur who finds out that he not only has a son, but his son also has a daughter.

The Grinder – September 29 – FOX
A comedy about an actor on a popular legal TV drama who returns to his small-town home to work in his family’s real-life law practice with his brother, despite only knowing law from the scripts of TV.

Hand of God – September 4 – Amazon
Ron Perlman stars in this drama, as a morally corrupt judge who comes to believe that God is speaking to him through his son—who’s on a ventilator—and is compelling him to follow a path of vigilante justice.

The Muppets – September 22 – ABC
The return of Kermit and Miss Piggy, need I say more? Are you a fan?

Narcos – August 28 – Netflix
The series first season is about notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar the one-time leader of the Medellin Cartel. Based on Real Events.

Check out this handy calendar for the Fall TV Shows

I won’t be joining in on the night the shows air, I will catch them the next day and stream them online. How do you watch the shows on your list?

Are your shows on my list? What shows can you not wait to see again?

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  1. I’m looking forward to Nashville tonight! 🙂

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