FinderCodes – Lost and Found Kits

Have you ever lost your cell phone, or your child has lost a toy or backpack? When we lose something valuable we begin to panic and search frantically for that missing item. You start to back track to where you had been and hope you will find the item along the way.


FinderCodes lost and found system uses the QR codes, software and durable smart tags to allow the finder to easily anonymously contact the owner to have the item returned.


To use your FinderCodes, simply create and account with FinderCodes. Fill in your contact information and register your tags. Each ID tag has a unique code that can be linked to whatever item you want to safeguard. FinderCodes makes it easy to register with either a smartphone or online.

FinderCode Kits come in 5 different product lines, from Electronics, Travel, Student, Sport Stuff and Kid Stuff. The kits are available at select The Source or Walmart Stores with a value of $24.99.

The tags come in adhesive, key-ring and washable tag formats which make them easier to attach to almost any article you would want to put them on.

Disclosure: Mama Bears Haven was not compensated and received The FinderCodes kit to conduct this review. All opinions on the blog are my own.

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