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What’s your pets lifestyle? Is your dog and Indoor or outdoor pet?

The lifestyle I live, determines the lifestyle my dog lives. I spend most of my time indoors during the winter and in the warmer weather, I am outside. My dog spends most of her time indoors, she likes to nap, or stays home when we are gone for the day, which means my dog has an Indoor Lifestyle. She goes outside a few times a day to go the bathroom or occasionally I bring her for a walk when I pick up my daughter from school. Any other time you will find her by my side on the couch or following me around like my shadow.

Indoor Lifestyle

Royal Canin Indoor Life Dog food is geared towards indoor dogs that are between 10 months – 8 years and weigh under 22 pounds. Indoor life dog food helps promote and maintain healthy skin, coat and digestive health in less active dogs who spend most of their time indoors. Better nutrition = better life.

Heating and air quality indoors can affect your pet

  • Skin and Coat Health – dry itchy skin
  • Digestive Health- less activity, smelly stool
  • Body Condition unwanted weight gain do to over eating
    Last month I transitioned my chihuahua, Fergie, to the Royal Canin – Indoor life Dog food. Royal Canin Indoor Life dog food was the perfect size and she had know trouble adjusting to the new food.

    indoor lifestyle

    Noticeable Changes after 3 weeks:

  • coat had more of a shine and felt softer
  • less skin irritation – not so much itching
  • a bit more activity – running around and jumping
  • Not all dogs are the same and changes will vary depending on the health, age and previous diet.
    Royal Canin Indoor Dog

    Royal Canin Indoor Life can be found in specialty pet stores across Canada. I will be heading to one soon to replenish my dog food so my dog can have a healthy indoor lifestyle.

    Mama Bears Haven was compensated for this post for being part of the #WhatsYourPetsLifstyle campaign. As always all opinions are my own.

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