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I have a 3 year old daughter who loves Play Doh. However with Play Doh, it leaves a mess of dried out dough all over the floor, cat and dog hair sticks to it and is unusable after about 1 use.

I was invited to try out a new product called Skwooshi I couldn’t wait to try it and do a review.

Skwooshi is the new toy dough that lets parents sit back and relax while kids create and play on their own. The mess-free, odor-free, creative dough allows children to let their imaginations run wild as they mold and play with Skwooshi.

Skwooshi comes in 10 fun colours and individual packs as well as larger sets for maximum creativity!

Before I let my daughter sit down and play with Skwooshi, I had to check it out for myself. I needed to know for myself just how mess free Skwooshi would be. I left it out over night and found that it didn’t dry out. Finally, something my child could play with and not have a big mess to clean up. Oh and of course hours of fun. “Lets play Skwoosh mama”

When you put Skwooshi into your hands, it feels dry and flakey however when it is stretched out it almost dissolves into a dust. I keep my Skwooshi close by for when ever I feel the urge to Skwoosh it, roll it into a ball and then stretch it out.

2013-10-28 21.57.41
2013-10-28 22.00.15

2013-10-28 22.12.50

See how it really works and check out Skwooshi Official YouTube Video

You can also like Skwooshi on Facebook

With Christmas just around the corner, I will be heading out to get more for stocking stuffers to make sure we have all 10 colours.

Skwooshi is fun for all ages and not just for kids, I am living proof. I play with it more than my child!


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