Prime Video – Expanding Your Online Streaming Selection

When we watch a show on the TV, it is not through cable. We stream our shows online and only pay for an internet connection. There are many places to view movies and television shows but they aren’t always safe and could be full of malware or viruses. Through the local TV Canadian networks online, we are able to watch the same shows as those with cable. Between the networks online and Netflix, we find quite a variety of shows to watch and now we have Prime Video with our … Continue reading

#DashGrab Universal Phone Mount Review

My hands seem to get sore after awhile holding my smartphone with the Dash Grab Universal phone mount I can use in on any flat surface (desk,dashboard,table) with the reusable suction cup. Dash Grab has a 260 degree rotation and swivel, making it easier to view from any angle. With its expanding arms the Dash Grab is universally compatible with any phone up to 4 inches in width.

Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg -Children’s Book Review

Terry Treetop is a boy with red hair and freckles, he is a friendly and helpful little boy who has a love for adventure and climbing trees, which is how he got the nickname Terry Treetop. Terry Treetop finds a lost egg while on a camping trip and is worried that he has lost his home and ventures off to help the egg find its way back to where it belongs. Along the way he comes across numerous creatures and ask if they egg belongs to them until he eventually … Continue reading