Tree Picture Wall -Wordless Wednesday

Tree Picture Wall

I have wanted to display our pictures for sometime. I have seen many pictures of decal trees on walls and kind of liked the idea. My hubby penciled on the tree and we all took part in painting to create our tree picture wall. Do you have a picture wall? Our wall of pictures is not yet complete, we will be adding a few more pictures and then move on to the next wall as we make more memories to display. What do you do with your pictures?

Toronto Wall Art – The New Graffiti

Toronto Wall Art

There are so many great views to see around town. We tend to find for Toronto Wall Art that is displayed on walls throughout the city. While we aren’t always able to get pictures of them while travelling on the bus or in a car. We make plans to visit the area on foot to get the perfect pictures. Toronto Wall Art These pictures were observed off of Jane St near the Black Creek exit. Grizzly Bear took a bike ride to get take the photos to add to our … Continue reading

Graffiti Wall Art in the City of Toronto

Years ago most of the walls around the city were starting to fill up with trashy graffiti of love notes, gang symbols and scribblings. This made some neighbourhoods look creepy or scary to enter. If you live in the city of Toronto, you will notice some very nice pictures beautifying neighbourhoods with graffiti wall art. Graffiti Wall Art around Toronto I always thought that it would be so nice to see more eye-pleasing pictures.  One day they just began popping up everywhere on my travels. The art of graffiti began probably … Continue reading