The Ponytail Haircut

In the past I have only ever cut my bangs, I never thought I would actually cut my own hair(with layers). I decided it would probably easy to do if my hair was in a ponytail. I needed how to do a ponytail haircut. How is that even possible without a disaster. If a disaster happens I have 2 choices, live with it and let it grow or make that appointment and go to a professional.

I spent a few hours on YouTube looking videos of others who have cut their own hair by putting in in a ponytail and I couldn’t believe how many women actually did this. Many are just not happy how the Hair Salon cuts their hair. Why be unhappy with a professional, if you do your own hair, you are the only one to blame.

the ponytail haircut

I didn’t wet my hair when I did this since wet hair shrinks when dry. I started by bending my head over and brushing out all the knots until my hair was smooth. I took a hairband and tied it as close to the hairline at the front of my head. I then took a second hairband and added it to the ponytail, sliding it down to the length I wanted the layers. I took the first snip, knowing that there was no turning back and I would have to live with the outcome.

The back of my hair as you can see from the picture above is a little bit rough around the edges, so I took the hairband and tied my hair up, this time at the nape of my neck and snipped off some more hair. I then took the pink razor and and removed some hair along the sides which I thought were a bit to long compared to the rest. With layers, you don’t notice how uneven it is or could be.

If you would like to see how it actually done with a video, check out this channel on YouTube. This is how I got the idea and courage to do it myself.

Will I ever cut my own hair again? Yes, probably! Am I happy with the haircut? Yes, for a first try at cutting my own hair, it turned out pretty good.

Have you cut your own hair before? Would you try?

Remember it is hair and it will grow back!

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