Kids and Colds – Keeping the Cold Season Mild

We are 3 weeks into the school year and my daughter has her first cold. It never fails, the same happened last year. It seemed like every other week she was sick last school year. All summer long she was fine, no colds at all; it begins all over again.


I know when my daughter isn’t feeling well, it is the only time she is quiet.  She will be in the bedroom snuggled under her blanket.

What is a Cold?

A cold is a virus, caused by germs. A common cold can affect the throat, nose, and sinuses. Colds are spread to children from parents, siblings, and caregivers through the air we breathe.

Direct Contact

includes kissing, touching, holding hands with an infected person

Indirect Contact

includes toys, tissues, door knobs, anything an infected person touches.

Symptoms of a cold

stuffed up or running nose, fever, cough, chills, aches and pains


Talk or visit your Doctor, don’t rush to the ER, use your discretion.

Tips to Prevent Colds

  • Wash and dry hands with a paper towel
  • keep hands away from eyes, nose, and mouth
  • stay away from those who are already feeling ill
  • don’t send sick kids to school
  • open windows or doors to remove germs
  • wash toys, doors keyboards and phones
  • always use a tissue to wipe your nose

There is no cure for the common cold and can last up to a week or two.

We will be sending our daughter back to school tomorrow if she is feeling well enough to go. If your child is sick, keep them home when possible to prevent others from becoming part of the vicious circle of colds.


I am not a medical advisor in any way, these are things I do in my family to prevent colds. For more information on colds and flu’s visit Caring for Kids or WebMD.


What do you do to ensure your child isn’t sick throughout the year?

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2 Responses to Kids and Colds – Keeping the Cold Season Mild

  1. Paula Schuck says:

    Well listen we have been sick all September. I have had enough already. My youngest dd got a brutal cough and sore throat that began 3 days after school started. It didn’t go away but got less brutal – as in she finally slept through the night a few nights in a row and NOW it is back. Two weeks ago oldest DD was home for 3 days non stop vomiting and lethargic. Then it hit me and I have been down for at minimum one week. Still not sure I am better. I am not a fan of this side of fall. ALSO frankly I think this could be an indication that the flu is going to be a royal B this year.
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