Valentine Cards for Classmates – Printables

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted my daughter to have a few different choices for cards. Most parents tend to shop at the same stores in our neighbourhood, so unless you make your own, you end up with the same trendy character ones.  We created a few different Valentine cards for classmates but have chosen to use the Valentine Bookmark Cards.

Valentine Cards for Classmates – Printables

My daughter likes Science and space so we decided to make a card with a planet on it. Tell your friends, they are out of this world with this simple and fun card.

Valentine Cards for Classmates

So our next set of cards can either be fun or a little creepy depending on how you see it, or it sees you.  Let your friends know that you have your eyes on them with these crazy eye cards.

Valentine Cards for Classmates

Make sure to print onto card stock paper for a sturdy card that won’t wrinkle or roll up.

We may even print a page or 2 of these cards for some of my daughter’s friends who aren’t in her class.

Do your kids do Valentine cards for their class?



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