Weekly Dart Night for Date night

As parents we spend so much time with our children, we forget that we need time together as a couple away from parenting duties. We talked about different things we could do to take time to ourselves or go out with other couples or friends.

For my hubby’s Birthday I bought him a dart board to give him something he likes to do but hasn’t done in years. I have played darts the odd time in the past and play on Wii (not the same) something we could do in the evenings instead of watching TV.. An opportunity came to us to play darts in a league during the summer months. We decided that we would join to give us a night out each week to have fun.

I do not have the best aim, if I shoot for the top it goes to the bottom. (or doesn’t hit the board). I have a bit of practice before I begin this new journey. I have great shots when I play on the Wii, but like I said, it is not the same.

My First practice shot!!

My First practice shot!!

So we begin a month of practice before we join and play, I really have to get my aim and throw right if I really want to be good. But it is all about having fun and fun we will have.

Starting at the end of May until September, every Tuesday we will find ourselves out enjoying life with adults in a Summer Dart League.

Do you have Date nights? What do you do or what would you like to do?

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