What Makes Me Enter Contests and Giveaways

I have been entering contests for a few years now and giveaways for about a year, you never know when you might win something. I don’t just enter everyone I see, I have to be truly interested in winning the prize. If I don’t win, at least I have learned something about a new product or find another product I would find useful in everyday life.

How do I know which ones to enter? I usually enter giveaways from other fellow Bloggers, who have a trusted name or a legitimate website from a verified company. How do I know they are trusted?  Through word of mouth, traffic and researching the companies that are sponsoring the prize.

I always tell my friends that they should enter some of these great giveaways I find. Once I find a giveaway I share my findings, so others I know have a chance of winning or learning something they didn’t know before

Many times I have heard “Oh I have entered contests before but I never win.”  I am sure there was a time when I said that myself, but through persistence and patience I have changed my opinion on entering. So I tell them, if you don’t enter, you will never win.

By now I am sure you know that I have won prizes. Yes I have, many different items from personal, children’s and household. So I continue to enter. I don’t win all the time but every now and then I get a surprise and it makes it all worth while.

Sometimes it can feel time consuming, filling out endless forms with your information, clicking a link, liking a Facebook page or following people on twitter and other social media sites. I find using Auto Fill a very  useful tool when filling in the required fields. Being a fan or a follower of a site will also make the process quicker with just a click.

If I share a contest or giveaway, check it out or click here Blogs I Read and click a Button and you might see a great giveaway to enter or read a fabulous story you can relate too.

Do  you enter contests and if you do what makes you enter them?

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