Why Are Those Shows Grey and White?

Why are those shows grey and white? That is the question we get asked from our 4 year old when we put on one of our favourite “old” shows. You know the ones I mean, the ones we watched before their was colour on TV. If the picture was unclear, we just got up and moved the rabbit ears around. You remember those times, right? It’s not just me that’s old!?!

why are those shows grey and white

Here are some of the Shows I have watched or still do from the 1950’s, that are considered to be the golden age of television, that fell over into the 1960s until around 1965 when colour TV came out.

  • I Love Lucy
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show
  • The Honeymooners
  • Leave it to Beaver
  • Have you heard of or watched any of these golden oldie shows? Come on, admit it, I know you have.

    Why are the shows in grey and white

    Lucy & Desi

    Why are the shows in grey and white

    Rob and Laura Petrie

    Why are those shows grey and white? Well, they are old shows, shows I watched with Gramma and now mama watches them with you. Daddy even likes some of them too. We can watch them together. You can see how the times have changed over the years.

    How about Gilligan’s Island, it started in black and white and transferred to colour.

    why are those shows grey and white

    It’s hard to believe how TV has changed over the years, from black and white to technicolor to HDTV and of course the many ways in which we view shows or movies. TV’s, computers, tablets and phones, oh my! Good thing I have followed along with the times, this new technology could be hazardous.

    Do you have shows or movies you watched with your parents? Do you share them with your kids?

    I have loads more recommendations for Grey and White TV shows. Just ask and I will tell.

    Happy viewing!

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