Dream Interpretation – What Our Dreams May Mean

Now that we have gone through all the stages of sleep and are now in REM, we are ready to dream. What makes us dream and what could those dreams possible mean. Now we can learn about dream interpretation.

Dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation

While we are asleep, our subconscious is wide awake scanning through the file folders of our personal lives, but at the same time giving us knowledge, inspiration and advice. This part of our subconscious sends messages through visual images and symbols in the form of dreams.

Since millions of us share the same language, live in the same cultures and share the same media, symbols will hold the same meaning. These symbols would be called Archetypes.
Some examples of these are a mother – birth and nurturing, father- provider, computer/telephone – communication, monsters- fear.

Once you crack the code of what the symbols mean, you are well on your way to better understanding. The objects and symbols can mean many different things, depending on the environment and beliefs of the dreamer. Keeping a journal and writing down the memories, including, time of day, are there trees, other people and so on.

Not all dreams have the same meaning for everyone. Using a dream dictionary will help interpret dreams better. For this article, I have been using 2 books I currently own. (Dream Secrets by Lucy Gillis and The Complete Dream Dictionary by Pamela Ball)

Dream Symbols

Here are some common symbols that most people will share or hold close to themselves in some way

Accident: Someone is too self-critical. also, see car

Car: Represents the body, a good running car implies a healthy body, a car in need of repairs may imply medical attention is needed.

Wings: concerned with flight and freedom, can also be protective An angels wing depict the power to transcend our difficulties often through the protection of greater knowledge. A broken wing indicates that a previous trauma is preventing us from taking off.

Fire: implies passion, temper and emotions. Smouldering means someone is repressing emotions, ablaze is things may be getting out of control and if someone puts a fire out they are cooling tempers.also see ashes, burn, smoke, torch. 

Water: is indicative of cleansing and washing away troubles

dream interpretation

Bridge:  if someone crosses a bridge, the will overcome difficulties, if it is old and in need of repair, someone may have to work hard at achieving desired results, but will succeed, if a bridge is new and strong someone will succeed with ease.

Cake:  A cake is a sign of forthcoming fulfilment and satisfaction

Fog: Things are unclear. If it is over land, a personal relationship lacks in communication, over water, there is emotional confusion, and if it is lifting, there will be clarity for someone.

What are some of the symbols you recall from a dream, do they appear in other dreams? Is there a symbol in your dreams that you want to know about?

dream interpretation

Have you ever wondered what your pet is dreaming about?


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