4 Fun Mom and Daughter Dates to Plan

Spending quality time with your daughter is an important way to bond and feel closer to her. Going on little mom and daughter dates is a great way to do that. No matter what age your little girl is, these date ideas can be a lot of fun. Try some of the fun mom and daughter dates below to get you started.

4 Fun Mom and Daughter Dates

Cooking Class

There are often cooking class specifically meant for a parent or child, but you can also take any type of cooking class with your daughter that isn’t an adults-only class. There are actually quite a few kid-friendly cooking classes, either for one night or specific holiday cooking fun. You can both learn how to make something together, while also spending some bonding time and making memories.

Where to go: President’s Choice Cooking School

Dinner and A Movie

Another fun idea is to simply go see a movie together. Before the movie, find a restaurant near the theatre and have a nice dinner before the show. If you drive, instead of a regular theatre, see if you can find a drive-in where you camp out in the back with some popcorn and other snacks. This can be a really fun experience for you both to have together.

Check out  for kid’s movies on Saturdays at Cineplex Family Movies

In the summer head on over to Downsview Park for a movie under the stars. This can also be done for a family fun night.  They have a variety of events throughout the year.

Craft Class

As a family, we love to create, so heading out with my daughter would be a fun way for us to connect doing crafts instead of at home where I can be a bit particular about how things are done.  On Saturdays, my daughter goes out to a craft program in the neighbourhood, but it is just her and the other kids in the class. We plan on heading out to a few Michaels classes and perhaps find a workshop at the Home Depot.  If you have a creative or artistic daughter like we do, she will enjoy this very much. Let her pick the class and materials needed.

Spa Day

Sometimes it is fun to splurge and when you do want to splurge a little bit, a spa day is perfect. This may cost a bit more, but there are easy ways you can cut costs. by simply going for manicures and pedicures, or just getting a facial together  If it is a special occasion such as her birthday, maybe you can make a day out of it by going for your facial or massage, taking her to lunch, then on a quick shopping trip. This can be a lot of fun for both of you and is a wonderful bonding experience.

mom and daughter dates

My daughter will be experiencing her first time at Glama Gal Tween Spa very soon. I am sure it will be a fun day for us both. They have a wide range of fun themes for kids at the spa.

Do you go on mom and daughter dates? What fun things have you done?

This year we plan to do something new each month with our daughter. Whether it be a mom and daughter, dad and daughter or a family outing, we will be doing something new and fun.


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