Simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Four years ago, we began the tradition of The Elf on the Shelf. We thought it would be a fun idea to do with our daughter. It all began well, Trixie our elf, moved nightly and came back to a new spot. Then it happened, I fell asleep and forgot to move her. I had to frantically think of a reason since my daughter didn’t misbehave. I basically told her the elf has a cold and couldn’t go away. We often struggle with Elf on the Shelf ideas and came up with a plan to keep it simple.

Since we began the tradition, our daughter looks forward to each December 1, when Trixie returns. The smile on her face when she wakes up and sees that she has returned. The notes and surprises make it all worthwhile. As parents, it isn’t always easy coming up with ideas each night. Maybe you don’t have time to plan an extravagant Elf adventure during the holidays. Keeping it simple makes it less stressful and perhaps you will enjoy the tradition more.

Simple Elf on The Shelf Ideas

When Trixie returns to our apartment, we write up a note and leave it with a surprise and when she leaves we leave a goodbye note.

This year I made a list! A list I am actually following so I am not waking up early to move her to the next location. I even have the help of my hubby for when I am too tired to stay up or our daughter is still awake.

Elf On The Shelf

Trixie’s Return 2015

Trixie seems to be a nice Elf and doesn’t get into too much mischief. She tries hard and often gets a chuckle from our daughter for her morning surprises.

  • Sleepover – use socks or Christmas stocking to put your Elf in.
  • Zipline
  • Floating in the tub
  • Tea Party
  • on the printer taking photocopies
  • on a branch of Christmas Tree
  • Snow Angel with flowers
  • Snowballs with either marshmallows or scrunched up paper
  • Use some of your kid’s toys with your elf

Most times Trixie just sits on different tables and shelves to make it easier for us.  After all she is an Elf on the Shelf . Incorporate your Elf in with your decorations and ornaments, it is just as fun.

Last year we couldn’t locate Trixie. We put her away in a spot that we would remember, or so we thought. (She was found in the summer) We decided to write a letter from 2 Elves we had purchased, Jingles and Jangles. She was allowed to choose one to do Trixie’s job and the other she could hold and play with.

I now have 8 different Elves, including Trixie. If I should misplace her again, we have more choices. Keep a spare on hand, just in case!

Here are some more Elf on The Shelf ideas and stories. We have a few more ideas we plan on executing before Christmas.

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