5 Explorer Features #FordSummer

We began our vacation on August 14th when I picked up a Ford Explorer, a media fleet vehicle from Ford Canada. I knew it would be a fun family travel trip. During the week, I was able to check out some of the fabulous technology this vehicle has to offer. I have highlighted my favourite 5 Explorer features below.

5 Explorer Features

There are many features that drivers want when looking for a new vehicle.

The Ford Explorer has seating to hold up to 7 passengers with plenty of leg room. The Explorer was made for large families and traveling.

The Ford Explorer is good on gas. During our trip, it cost approximately $70 to fill up the tank. For every 12.1 L, you can travel about 100km.

The best part is all the bells and whistles are at your fingertips. The steering wheel is equipped with the buttons you will be needing.


Back up Assist

Beeps when an object is near the vehicle. If you get too close or someone is going to cross your path, it will beep a bit more quicker.

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS with cross-traffic alert) – when a car is in your blind spot, a light will show up on the side mirrors letting you know it isn’t safe to change lanes.

Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist

Staying in your lane is easy with the lane departure warning. As you can see below the feature is showing green and also turns to yellow when you are close to the line on the roads. I did pretty well staying within the lines, only getting a warning on bends in the road.


Leaving your vehicle in a parking lot has never felt safer with these security features.

  • Battery saver
  • Perimeter alarm
  • Keyless Entry code
  • SecuriLock -Anti-theft

Cargo Space

Whether you need a small amount of space or large amount, the Explorer has the space for all needs. The third-row seats fold down and can be stowed away.

Day time or night time the interior lights change to help reduce the glare and make it a more pleasant experience on the eyes.

5 Explorer Features

Bonus Feature

Traveling hours on the road you will be alerted that it is time to take a break. I have to admit when the warning beep was alerting me, I had no idea what was wrong until I looked at the panel.

5 Explorer Features

Driving the Explorer was a smooth and enjoyable ride.  If you are looking for more information on Ford vehicles check out my Ford Flex Review or the greener cleaner sustainability of the vehicles.

I can’t wait to check out another vehicle. Perhaps I will one day soon I will get to check out a Ford Mustang, after all, it is my favourite Ford car.

What features would you like for your next vehicle? Did you like the 5 Explorer features I mentioned?


This is a sponsored post and Mama Bear’s Haven had use of a vehicle to conduct this review. All opinions are our own as always.

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