Sustainability at Ford – Greener Cleaner Vehicles

Have you ever wondered what your car is made of? I didn not until this past weekend at the BConnected Conference in Ottawa, when Matt Drennan-Scace, Communications Manager, FordCraigSilva, Senior Community Manager , at Ford Canada, along with Paula Roy, Food Editor at Ottawa A Home Magazine gave a speech on Sustainability at Ford.

Sustainability at Ford

What I Learned

Sustainable by-products were first used in the 1940’s when Henry Ford built a plastic paneled car using soy. Ford wants a cleaner, greener, lightweight car and that is exactly what they have done. With more plans and research for Sustainability at Ford, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

If I get hungry and while driving, I probably shouldn’t try to eat parts of the car, even though the breakfast I had was made using the same sustainable material. If I am hungry I will just find a recipe of many that were shared with us.

Ford Sustainability

Sustainability at Ford

5 Food By- Products used in Vehicles

Soybeans – used in the foam for seat cushions and backs saves on petroleum

Rice Hulls-  to reinforce plastics

Wheat Straw – used storage bins saves on petroleum and emissions

Cellulose – used to replace fibreglass reinforcements

Coconut – used in some of the truck mats

6 Products Currently being Tested 

Sugar Cane – being tested for durability

Tomatoes – for potential use in brackets and storage bins

Corn – potential uses in carpeting, upholstery, and trim

Bamboo – potential uses in veneers and fillers

Algae and Dandelion

All these products grow in an abundance and we will always have them available to use and reuse.

I always knew there was a reason I liked the Ford brand. A brand that stands behind their mission statement. What do you think now? Does knowing this change your opinion on what type of car you might want to drive. It certainly has for me and they already had me in their court.

If we all reuse and recycle products imagine how the environment will thrive.

If you are looking for more information about #FordFarmtoCar and Sustainability visit here.


This is not a sponsored post, just an opinion formed through the facts provided.


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3 Responses to Sustainability at Ford – Greener Cleaner Vehicles

  1. Lyne Proulx says:

    Great post! I certainly do love how Ford has incorporated food into the making of their vehicles. I am all for sustainability for a better environment!

    • Mama Bear6910 says:

      I am doing more two more posts, one for my experience and thoughts and one for Dairy Farmers, which I have always wanted to voice my opinion on.

  2. Lyne Proulx says:

    Wonderful! Looking forward to reading them!

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