Back to School Fashion Show – What to Wear

I had purchased a few outfits during a couple of shopping trips. My daughter had a back to school fashion show for us, to help decide on what to wear.  My daughter has no fashion style just yet. She wants what she likes, no matter the style.

It didn’t go overboard buying new clothes for the upcoming school year. My daughter’s clothes from last year still fit. It is always nice to get one or two outfits for back to school.

Back to School Fashion

When we go out shopping for clothes, I like my daughter to choose what she wants to wear. She is the one wearing the clothes. We visited Walmart and The Children’s Place.

back to School fashion show

Flower Dress and Boots – Walmart Canada

The pink boots have set a trend for the colours of her wardrobe this school year. They perfectly match all her outfits and will probably be worn everyday until winter.

back to school fashion

Plaid Dress and Smiley Outfit – The Children’s Place

Back to school fashionMy daughter doesn’t like to be too warm. I prefer to buy her lightweight long sleeve tops, t-shirts and hoodies.  I do plan to pick her up a few more outfits in October or November to prepare for the winter season. That shopping trip will be done at our favourite store Giant Tiger.

Did you find fab deals on your back to school shopping? We definitely did.



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