Canadian National Exhibition – CNE Highlights – 2016

This year I visited the CNE twice. The first visit was with my husband and daughter as a birthday fun day. My second visit was with friends, a girls day out. Here are my favourite moments, my CNE Highlights.

Before the CNE  was even open, we had purchased play all day passes. It would make for a less expensive visit. My daughter was excited to go on as many rides as she could.

It doesn’t matter when you visit, there are always shots of the fountain. The meeting place should we separate. Somehow the fountain had bubbles, a little out of the norm. There are so many sights and sounds to see while you are there. It can never be done in a day.

CNE Highlights

CNE Highlights – Family Day

For the biggest part of the day, we spent in Kid’s World. My daughter loves going on rides, well except for a few spinny ones.  She will never go on the Tilt A Hurl Wirl, it made her scream so loud. I said nothing, my stomach and head spinning. That was the first time I had been on the ride since I was a teenager. It didn’t like me then and it didn’t like me now.  My favourite ride will always be the Polar Express. The day was full of games, shows and rides.

CNE Highlights

Then it was my turn. Chef Lynn Crawford is one of my favourite chefs. I love watching her on TV and it was a pleasure to see her live. She is spontaneous, funny and keeps the show rolling. Chef Lynn even gave my daughter her fudge. Those faces, love them!

CNE Highlights

From the Art’s and Craft Building to the Food building, the Midway and games, there is so much to see when you visit the CNE.

CNE Highlights – Girl’s Day Out

Girl’s day out was the day the Canadian International Air Show began. Joining me at The Ex, was Common Cents Mom and Those 2 Girls. It is always nice to see the planes zoom by and flying high. We had a nice spot by Lakeshore Blvd, under the shade of a tree.  When you pack a DSLR camera, always remember the battery.

Canadian International Air Show (CIAS2016)
CNE Highlights

The day was full of browsing around, checking out new things and best of all the exciting shows we saw that day.


CNE Highlights

Check them out on FACEBOOK. A must see show if it is ever in your area.

Off we went to the next show.

Hit List! Aerial Acrobatic & Ice Skating Show


We finished off the evening at the Midway Stage listening to Wanted, a Bon Jovi Tribute Band. My battery on my camera died and I didn’t get any pictures.

Thanks for another great year of fun with family and friends, see you at The Ex, next year!!


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  1. Darlene W says:

    I haven’t been to the CNE in years, maybe next year will be my return. Amazing shows that you spoke about

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