Backyard BBQ Season – Be Ready with Tupperware

The warmer weather is just around the corner. We have had a few days of warmth to know that it will soon be here. Mother Nature keeps throwing the snow and cold at us but don’t let that stop you from getting outside for a BBQ. Backyard BBQ Season is here, are you ready?

Backyard BBQ Season – Are You Ready

During the warmer days, you never know when you might have friends or family drop by. Will you be ready to entertain at the last minute? Find the right products to carry your party items to the beach, park or that friend’s BBQ.

Hamburger Press

I have been using the Hamburger Press for a few years. I remember we had one growing up. It came in handy for making burgers on the spot or ahead of time.  In our freezer, you will find at least 8 burgers in the keepers at any given time. I just purchased another set but this set I plan to use for baking.

Some of the best BBQ recipes start with a flavourful marinade. Prepare your meat in the Season-Serve Container with your favourite marinade then when you’re ready, pull it out and pop it on the BBQ.

Backyard BBQ season

Chip N Dip Set

It’s not a backyard BBQ party unless there are snacks. It keeps the hunger away until it is time to eat something tasty off the BBQ.

Serving Center Set and Serving Tray

The serving center can hold a variety of items and also comes with a lid so it is perfect for travelling.

These products are perfect for backyard parties. There are no worries about something breaking and making a mess with glass. I love the tumblers, they even come with lids to keep the bugs out of your drink.

Any of these items can be purchased from April 27 – August 30, 2019, and can be ordered by my fellow Canadians by visiting my Tupperware site.

Be ready this season with products that have been around for years and most products come with a lifetime warranty. Buy a product once, no more spending money to replace the items if they crack or break.

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Enjoy all the BBQ’s the summer brings your way, I know my family will.

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