Easter Eggs and Basket Colouring Page Printables

Easter is the time to pull out all the colourful spring decorations and get ready for the season. With Easter comes, egg dying, bunnies and egg hunts. We love to colour and have created the Easter Basket and Eggs Colouring page printables to have mess-free egg decorating.

Easter Eggs and Basket Colouring

Our daughter loves to decorate eggs and gets excited for her egg hunt on Easter morning. While she knows the Easter bunny may not be real, she is enjoying the fun of being a child. Once our daughter goes to sleep, we leave a trail of cut out bunny prints for her to follow to a few fun surprises that don’t always lead to chocolate.

Easter Eggs and Basket Colouring Colouring Page Printables

What’s your favourite colour combo? There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating Easter eggs. We can’t wait to print, colour and hang on the wall.

Easter Basket and Eggs Colouring


The Egg Decorating printable below is perfect to colour and then cut out and string together to create Easter garland.Easter Basket and Egg Colouring

What are your Easter traditions to do with your family?

Are you looking for more fun printables for your self or your kids? Check out my spring colouring pages.


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