Barefoot Sandals – DIY Beading Project

I am not a shoe person, I prefer bare feet. The only time I really wear shoes is when I have to go out. Now  that summer is here, it gives me the perfect opportunity to wear my barefoot sandals. I couldn’t wait to get out to a pool or beach to try them out.

Barefoot Sandals

I recently started making bracelets with beads I was given as a gift. Years ago I had an anklet, it was similar to the Barefoot sandals but I only had one. So I created my own, one for each foot this time.

How to Make Barefoot Sandals


  • Beads of different sizes and colours
  • Elastic cording – I used 0.8 mm
  • Scissors
  • Bead landing to sort and design


Take the elastic cording and measure around your second toe, up the top of your foot and around your ankle, measuring a bit extra cord for tying off when complete.

Arrange the beads how they will appear on the cord, starting with the toe part (I used approximately 27 seed beads for around the toe)

Continue adding beads until you have reached near the end of the cording, measure to make sure you have left enough room to tie a knot. (approximately 100-120 beads)

When all the beads are on, tie a double square knot to hold the ends together.

The amount of beads used depends on the size of the beads and the size of your foot.

The project is complete and ready for the beach.

Barefoot Sandals

Watch for upcoming post for DIY beaded jewellery for beginners. I have created many different designs for adults and kids. My daughter just loves them and they are great for gifts.

Do you do DIY projects at home? What do you like to create?

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